Anand Deshpande
Anand Deshpande
Stories that connect and empower

Stories that connect and empower

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A Letter from the Chef

Contained in a recipe is a treasure of knowledge. Look deep enough and a dish tells you what’s available and what’s scarce for the cook, what’s important to them to show off- their medicine, religion, politics, history, economics. It’s all in the food that’s served to you.

In short, a recipe is a letter from the chef connecting you to them in the most intimate, human, life-giving way.

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We believe that our stories hold great power in helping and guiding our community.

CommonUnity seeks to unite and strengthen members of our community through shared stories. Nobody is alone, so nobody should deal with struggles alone.


Indian Gastrohistory Experiences

During my Indian Gastrohistory Experiences, we’ll explore various elements of South Asian politics, medicine, religion, history and culture, through the lens of food. Gain a deeper understanding of South Asian society and a stronger connection to the 1.2 billion people that are a part of it.



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